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4th Year Medical Student Rotations and 2021 Match Cycle

2020-2021 Academic Year COVID-19 Pandemic Responses

Department of Neurological Surgery, School of Medicine, University of California Irvine will follow the policies of the Society of Neurological Surgeons (SNS) and UC Irvine Graduate Medical Education on medical student rotation and 2021 Match Cycle. Our program aligns with SNS’s goal in ensuring three top priorities: Safety, Education and Equity. Medical students who are applying to the Neurological Surgery Residency Program this year, please see below. For more information, please click on the links below:

UC Irvine School of Medicine Statement on the 2020-2021 ACGME-accredited Residency and Fellowship interview season

The UC Schools of Medicine have reached consensus agreement regarding the residency and fellowship interview season for the academic year 2020-2021: All interviews must be held remotely, even if the candidate lives locally.  This policy is in alignment with guidance provided by the Coalition for Physician Accountability, which is composed of key national medical educational stakeholders, such as the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), LCME, AAMC, AMA and the ACGME.

The UC Irvine School of Medicine is supportive of this approach, because we must take into consideration the safety and well-being of applicants, physical restrictions and financial barriers to travel, and shifting shelter-in-place orders.  To promote an equitable selection process, all applicants should have the same interview experiences and opportunities to interact with the program’s faculty and residents.

AAMC policies:

Neurological Surgery (SNS) policies:

UC Irvine Medical Student 685A Neurosurgery Sub-Internship 

UCI Medical Students who are interested in 685A rotation should apply through the Office of Medical Education. Following the SNS policies, the rotation will follow the objectives of the 8-weeks rotation as outlined on the SNS website.

Office of Curricular Affairs
UC Irvine School of Medicine | Office of Medical Education

Visiting Medical Student Rotation (VSAS)

All away rotation is deferred for the 2020-2021 academic year, with two exceptions:

Exception #1:
UCI will not be accepting visiting students unless they are from another UC, and the rotation is not available at the student’s home institution. Visiting students from sister UC schools must obtain an approval letter from their school’s Medical Education office, and may submit this letter to the Office of Curricular Affairs at for consideration. Visiting students must be accepted for a rotation by the UCI program director, and each visiting student will be limited to one rotation at UCI. (Source: UC Irvine GME Policies) 

Exception #2:
Your home institution does not have a neurological surgery program. If this is the case, you need to reach out to an ACGME-approved neurological surgery program that is geographically closest to your program and set up a rotation. Please have your Program Director reach out to us if this the case. (Source: SNS Policies, FAQ) 

See the curriculum: 685A Neurosurgery Sub-Internship Curriculum (the standard 4-weeks rotation)

Student Observership: 

For Academic Year 2020-2021, due to the fluid situation of COVID-19 pandemic, UC Irvine will not allow observers (including but not limited to SRIP Program, High School students, College students, Medical students) to observe in labs, hospital and clinics until further notice. 

Kiarash Golshani, MD
Residency Program Director
Department of Neurological Surgery

Cindy Wang, C-TAGME
Residency Program Coordinator
Department of Neurological Surgery

Updated on: September 2, 2020